Dream4fun, 4 you, 4 health, 4 wealth, 4 happiness, … is about creating a community who are interested in their dreams. My own influences are dreams, tarot, and myth.

So let me inspire you now a myth from long ago that features a hard-fought struggle between the gods and men.

One of the sacred treasures that the gods held dear was the Key to Life itself.

But as men fought, they started to gain the upper hand, and the gods, in a panic, decided to hide their precious Key far away, safely, where it would never be found.

But where?

Eventually, the shrewdest of the gods came up with the idea to hide their treasured Key in full view, yet in a place where men would never think to look… deep within their dreams.

And so it was.

I Propose a Treasure Hunt

I hope you too are up for this important quest to discover the secret for yourself.

It lies dormant in your dreams.

This is why the Dalai Lama says: “Sleep is the best meditation”

But the Tibetan Buddhist leader doesn’t mean simply to sleep, he is instead referring to other arts undertaken during sleep.

To succeed, you will need to practice a few things, such as maybe a simple “meditation”, grasp some unique concepts, collect information and learn how to harness your dream energy. It takes a little time, but it’s worth it.

However, I have found the best attitude is summarized by “Boga is Yoga”. Which means being delighted and having fun in your dreams is the best way to realize your goal.

That’s why I say, “Just have fun!”

Why Me?

I have been a lover of dreams all my life, and who hasn’t, during their childhood that is?

But as we grow up, we are told that dreams aren’t real, that Santa doesn’t exist, that we need to shape up for the real world or shift out. This is a great loss to ourselves as individuals in society and to humanity as a whole.

My immediate goal is to help you realize the fun, beauty and depth of your dreams, and as the famous psychiatrist and dream expert, Carl Jung said,

“The dream is a little, hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego-consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego-consciousness extends”

As you will discover, this blog is focused on no ordinary wisdom, but on an ancient wisdom that will change your life for the better and enable you to find meaning, purpose, and happiness where there was only doubt, uncertainty and confusion before.

Where Do I Come From?

I was born on the Wirral in England. The Wirral was mentioned in the poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, which was written in the 14th Century. It records that part way through Gawain’s travels he was once,

“crossing at Holy Head and coming ashore in the wilds of Wirral, whose wayward people both God and good men have quite given up on.”

Well, that sounds like me.

I now live in Singapore, in a government-controlled concrete jungle of which William Gibson, the cyberpunk writer, said Singapore was,

“Disneyland with the death penalty”

I rather hope that God and good men have given up on me here too, otherwise being wayward may have a downside.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey ! The introduction is engaging .. but that is not why I will stick around for more 🙂 .
    Because I dream every day .. every single time I sleep. .. I mean even during an afternoon nap. Sometimes I wake up and go back to sleep and the dream continues from where I left before . Often good , sometimes bad ..
    I wish I would stop dreaming coz am bored of dreaming and I hate to wake up at 3 AM due to this ..

    I hope your blog will help me learn more about my dreams ..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hira, dreams can be overwhelming, and for some people (maybe you) it’s dreaming in the extreme where you wake up exhausted and irritated. You have my sympathy, because I know it’s unpleasant.
    My best suggestion is that you go to a medical doctor. I found that taking sleeping pills reduced my dreaming a lot, but I think there are much better medicine’s available these days.
    I truly hope you get relief.


  3. Princessjm

    I love the twist you did on your “About Me”. It is not the usual description of the author but also it was gist of what we will read from your blog. Very creative and enticing! Great Job!

    Liked by 1 person

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