Time Out For Family

I will continue my journey in about a week’s time because I need to sort out some urgent family issues.

We all have to wait.

Have a great week.


I was thinking about the sequence waking consciousness, dream, dreamless sleep and the void (sunyata)

The Void: Words cannot reach it. It is beyond time, space, concepts and categories.

Teachings lead us through life and then often point passed everything to the Void, mystery and nothingness.The teachings only tell us about what we can experience and the rest is left unanswered because it is simply impossible to talk about.

What lies after life is only imagined.

Here I think I can equate the Void with Death.

Just a thought or something to think about in idle moments.

PPS I now find that what the Buddhist Tantra calls the Void (Shunyata)  is not simply “nothing” as I have supposed, but that which is like nothing known to us.

It is the ultimate formless reality that is contrasted with form (appearance).

More thinking to be done I think.




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