Expect the Unexpected

Well, that took me by surprise!

I said two days ago that when looking for an ally “a companion will come from my dreams and not from physical reality”

Then being the driven person that I am, I went on to prepare my ritual for looking for my ally from the waking world first. Silly me!

Little did I know that before I managed to prepare all the bits and pieces I felt I needed for the waking revelation, I would take a nap in the afternoon beforehand.

Dream Ally

So during that short dream there came to my childhood house a man with a dog on a lead. He wanted entry to the front gate so I gestured to him to come through the gate and onto the garden path and I, in turn, went out to meet him.

When I got there the man had faded but a dog came in, as dogs do. It grew in size as it came along the path towards me and I felt the tables turned. For I had gone out to protect the dog from the occupants of my house, but instead, the dog looked every bit as though it could look after itself.

I felt a slight faltering of spirit but then greeted the dog and it became friendly and we went head to head as one does with dogs. And that is how we remained for a short while until I woke up.

As I said in my post title, “expect the unexpected”.

My Dog

When I woke up I thought the dog looked familiar and then I realized it was the dog my parents had when I was a child. It died when I was about eight years old, but until then it was always my protector, especially when I was in the front garden of our house.

What better protector and ally could I possibly find?

I was looking for and expecting a person as an ally, but actually, that dog is far more reliable than any person has ever been in my life.

Now I realize why the dog got bigger as it came closer, in my dream, because I was only a child. And we were head to head because we were indeed similar heights when I was so young.

The home is either literally my childhood home or more importantly my Self. And we meet at the threshold where I have very strong associations and is indeed my very first clear memory as a child.

There is no doubt this dog is a powerful ally and I feel very blessed and fortunate to have it in my life again.

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have played a major role for thousands of years for Man (and Woman).

For me, dogs:

  • Are the guardians of the home
  • Protect us from surprise attacks because they have such acute senses of smell and hearing
  • Represent unconditional love, loyalty, friendship and trust.
  • Don’t fail us even when we are in grave danger.
  • Can lead us to safety
  • Are intelligent and cunning on our behalf

Having a dog as a power animal and ally is truly awesome!


So what of my ally-search, waking-ritual? Well, I will continue with that tomorrow, but in a slightly different way to acknowledge my dream dog.


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