Actively Seeking Allies

The dream I had last night confirmed strongly that my approach is correct. I woke up feeling even more determined to continue with the next step on my journey.

It felt good to know there are forces inside me that concur with the direction I am taking. And it now is up to me to contact those forces to identify more closely the nature of my allies.

Today’s Exercise

I will start with a ritual in my waking state.

The idea I have in mind is to attempt to tap into a personification of a vital principle that operates in my life.

This specific vital principle is the one that guides my development and may be thought of as the conduit that harnesses the energy flowing from the universe through me so actualizing my potential and propelling me to self-fulfillment.

I feel this would be a very useful ally to discover for my quest.

For after times of stagnation and disillusionment, it would be most helpful to have someone or something to help reinvigorate me and inspire me to keep on going forward.

Another benefit is for the ally to offer a different perspective to observe my situation with compassion and some greater degree of detachment. Self-judgement is never a great position to be in for I find we can often be without mercy toward ourselves.

From this new perspective, I will also be better able to choose how to loosen the iron chains of bad habits and tighten my grip on the golden chains of better behaviors to find a path of courage, growth, and positive actions.

Well, that is my agenda for today. A little optimism may be required!


I listened to the radio yesterday and hear about a trainee suicide bomber in the Middle East who had escaped his minders. He said that he was told that life is just a test and a preparation for the afterlife.

I was reminded of training courses and tests I had encountered in the past. These were simulations of what to expect afterward. What I remembered was that the preparation and the tests were never as bad or as desperate as the real thing that came afterward.

I couldn’t help wondering what that said about the afterlife to come. I guess it could be a similar situation where the real thing is much worse than the testing ground.

Is that why there is so much written about Hell but so little written about Heaven?

Then I thought about the chapter called Revelation in the Bible and realized that my chance of going to Heaven was slim and none, as they say. So nothing to worry about there. I guess most people end up in Hell as Dante the poet described.


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