Finding the Door

My objective now is to find the door to where I need to go to find myself.

I know that even when I do find the door that reason will bar the way.

Karen Armstrong, the religious commentator, has argued that there is a common trend to read religious texts these days. And in so doing, we read them in a way they were never meant to be read, and as a result, we get caught up in the precise meanings of the words, the concepts, and the arguments.

But the original way people were communicated to regarding their religions was through images, icons, music and actions.

Words, reason, and concepts simply get in the way.

So to enter through the door I seek I know I will need to set reason on one side.

And indeed to find the door reason will not help me, instead, I need to do it through imagination, music, and physical action. The process is holistic and not logical. The other side of the door is more an enchanted realm and not a physical realm.

Finally, I suspect that the journey I have embarked on is not one I can continue with alone. That is just a “gut feeling”. I am sure someone will join me, but I don’t know where they will come from as yet. They may come from reality or possibly from the dreaming realm. It’s all very exciting so let’s wait and see.

NB. I have just seen the association between the dream with my mother and the Rolling Stones rock band that featured. The answer leads directly to the idea of a companion who will come from my dreams and not from physical reality. So that is very helpful information. (You may not see the connection but it’s a strong on for me)


I can relate to Karen Armstrong when she says “‘God’ is merely a symbol that points beyond itself to an indescribable transcendence.” I prefer to think of gods as plural. Elohim for some strange reason in the Bible is a plural noun in Hebrew. Now I am getting stuck on words! Move on.


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