Some Past Influences

Dreams are taking on a different meaning for me these days. I see them more as independent living entities that inhabit my body and mind. It’s as if my brain is the hardware that supports all different kinds of thoughts that plant themselves there.

Some thoughts and dreams flourish and thrive while a good many of them whither, and for all intents and purposes, disappear. My blog tagline says “set them free”, meaning give them some space to breathe.

I know, now I am beginning to sound a little crazy as if I am not in control of my thoughts. And that is seemingly true for me at any rate.

Try sitting quietly for 10 seconds and see what thoughts arise in your own mind. Then ask yourself, “Where did they come from?” I can never predict exactly what thoughts will come up. Perhaps now, if you tried this, you may find me a little less crazy. I like to think of me as “creative” instead.

Exploring Decisions

I have found in my life that anytime anything goes really badly wrong, it is often due to me having made an important and difficult decision.

I think this is because a difficult decision is difficult because my head says one thing but my heart says another.

If I have followed my head, I have found that I have often ended up in deep trouble.

Exploring Thoughts of My Parents

I believe that my parents have either knowingly or unknowingly built into me all sorts of beliefs, values, stereotypes, paradigms, opinions, etc. So exploring my memories of my parents is a good way to uncover some of these.

My Father

I have tried to imagine what it must have been like for my father when I was growing up. He was not available much of the time because he was busy. He was definitely an artisan with serious craft skills, as well as being something of an intellectual too. He was very gregarious.

I wonder how many thoughts I have are memes and opinions of my father planted during the time he taught me about sociology, philosophy, and values.

My Mother

On the other hand, my mother when I was growing up, was the mainstay of the family. Always reliable, always there and very practical.

She also imparted words of wisdom to me on a day to day basis a bit like the trickle of a babbling brook.

I rebelled against my parents as many young people do, but I realize now how wrong I was on so many things.

Like all parents, they did their best, as I have done in turn for my own family. There is no perfect parent other than one who cares.

What I learned

I learned the usual stuff from my parents, but importantly, it is probably different usual stuff compared to what you learned. Let me just list a few here…

  • Children are a blessing
  • Long life is a blessing too
  • Reason beats intuition
  • Evidence beats hearsay
  • Everyone has a soul
  • If you work hard you will succeed
  • You need a pension to retire
  • The Justice system is fair
  • Progress is the goal
  • People are generally trustworthy
  • Superstition is untrue
  • Everyone seeks the truth
  • Etc.

I believe these, and other implants, have influenced my life enormously. I believe that everything we do, see, understand, etc is built on the stories we constantly tell ourselves. That is why understanding and identifying these stories is important. They are just stories and we can change them anytime we like.

So understand better now the stories I live by so can move on. This inner pilgrimage is not going to be exhaustive. I am no perfectionist. It’s good enough to make even a little progress each day. I expect to come this way again in the future. This is the first pass on this trip.



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