Quest Day 1

I feel a bit like Frodo in the movie, Lord of the Rings, when he leads the questors out of the gates of Rivendell and asks Gandalf should he turn left or right.

Which way shall I go?

Well, the Feng Shui Masters would tell me to take some action to confirm my commitment to the quest. Here the simplest thing I can think of is to prepare a space in which to pursue that quest. I have selected the chair and the room and the medium already, which by default is this writing.

It reminds me of tourist maps that have a little red dot that says “You are here”. But where is that?

A Start

As for the times and the frequency, well it’s Monday to Friday and whenever I have progress to report. I will write at least once a week whether there is progress or not. I suspect there will be flurries of activity followed by days of coasting and a fair few dead ends.

I think a ritual is important to signify the times of my quest experiences, so maybe I have to get a candle to light when the clock is ticking. I will also say a prayer each day to help set a consistent tone.

How Long Will This Journey Take?

I wonder how long it will take and I think 3 months would be a good time, but I don’t know the terrain so well yet. But I won’t worry too much, as Orison Swett Marden, founder of Success Magazine, said,

“Go as far as you can see… then you will see a little further”

It all seems a little anticlimactic, but then every quest, no matter hold long, starts of with putting one foot in front of the other. But I still need a direction.

I guess that will occur to me somehow…

Where/who did I come from?

I just went out today and was assailed by the smell of incense as the woman across the corridor was praying to her ancestors. I hate the smell but I think the idea has some merit.

Maybe that’s where I will start.

I keep saying that when we are young we are given values and beliefs of our parents not only as parents but also in their role as representatives of society.

I live in an alien culture and I may have forgotten many of the things from where I came from. But they are still there inside me having an effect. I think it’s good to explore a little to find out what they are.

So I won’t turn left or right on my quest but continue straight on by checking out some things in my memories and see how they might influence me now.

This reminds me of unweaving the rainbow.

By chance, I just saw this quote and it resonated with me…

Everything focused toward the north; every curve and asterism of the glittering sky became part of a vast design whose function was to hurry first the eye and then the whole observer onward to some secret and terrible goal of convergence beyond the frozen waste that stretched endlessly ahead.
— H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, 1943


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