Christian Dream Interpretation

I am not a great fan of dream dictionaries because they attempt to commoditize what are really personal messages from your dreams. However, it is clear that the dreams we have are based on images that have made an impression on us during our lives.

So if you were brought up in a Christian culture (as I was) then it is most likely that the motifs and archetypal images of your dreams are from a very similar culture base.

Christian Symbolism

It depends on what kind of Christian you are as to what type of symbolism you conjure up in your dreams.

If you are from a Roman Catholic upbringing then you will have been surrounded by images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus on the Cross, Nativity scenes, Passion (Easter) scenes, and so much more. Catholic churches are jam-packed with imagery as are the homes of Catholic followers.

However, if you are from a Protestant variety of background then you will have very few images to call upon to recall in your dreams. For Protestant churches tend to be devoid of this kind of symbols except perhaps in what were known as “High Churches” in my day.

Common Symbols

With all those caveats in mind let me outline at least what I have come across as some of the common symbols that spring to mind whatever variety of Christian you might be.


Often represents you or your inner Self. It can also represent your state of mind with the basement being your biological nature, the top floor representing your divine nature and, sandwiched in between, is your social nature.

There are then a huge variety of features of a house that might be further interpreted, such as

  • No walls being a lack of privacy,
  • Major damage to the house being an indication of having been violated or attacked or exposed to the elements,
  • Or if it’s someone else’s house, it might mean there are opportunities for discovery regarding yourself.

I wouldn’t be too prescriptive on these interpretations.

Being Naked

This reminds me of the garden of Eden where there is innocence yet the chance of exposure where you are vulnerable and may be judged harshly. Embarrassment.


This depends a lot on context. It can mean or be many things such as:

  • The destruction and the burning out of evil
  • The presence of God as in the burning bush
  • Being in Hell or torment
  • A fire in the soul or a burning desire
  • The fire of passion
  • Tongues of fire as in the giving of the gift of speech in many languages to the Apostles at Pentecost
  • A simple candle to acknowledge a ritual in a church.


After the Deluge there was mud. Egypt was the land of mud. Mud is found at the bottom of wells. It represents messy sticky stuff to me. It suggests that water is needed to wash it off, and water here represents something to clean your spirit as well as your flesh.


Travelling along a road on foot or by vehicle or any other way is, not surprisingly, about following a direction or particular path in life. St Paul had a revelation on the road to Damascus and found he was on the wrong path in his life. Jesus travelled on his road to Jerusalem the week before the Feast of Passover, and it led Him to his very special destiny. Mary and Joseph followed the road to Bethlehem, which was their way.


This reminds me of many things in the Bible. It’s the rock that Jesus built his worldly church on. It’s a rock that Moses strikes with his staff in the desert to obtain water. The Commandments were carved on stone tablets. So a rock symbolizes solidity, permanence, strength, stability, but it can also indicate stubbornness and unwillingness to change.


Here we are back to the Garden of Eden again. Poor old snakes do get a raw deal in the Bible, and you may pick up on that in your dream. It probably represents something bad, a sexual temptation, an untrustworthy person, a demon. But it can also have connotations of  a choice or the balance of polar opposites.


Represents hope, possibilities and Heaven to me. Things come from the sky and Jesus and Mary both go to it. It’s God’s realm. It’s spiritual. It’s also fearful since death comes from it. Lucifer fell from it. It’s a place you go to get closer to God. It’s a very mixed meaning and more clues and context are needed to unravel the full message.


This reminds me of many Biblical things such as:

  • The well that Joseph was imprisoned on his path into Egypt
  • The Red Sea that the Old Testament people crossed to escape out of Egypt
  • The water of life that springs from the rock in the desert
  • What makes the oasis in the desert bloom
  • Where Jesus fishes for new followers
  • The holy water of the baptismal font
  • A spring that represents a blessing from God
  • But also, God brooded over the waters in Genesis before he made the earth. So it’s something very primitive, dark and primal.
  • The Flood of Noah has water as death for all people and land animals not chosen to be saved.

It’s not straightforward, it’s life itself or it’s death or it’s the primitive unconscious mind, it’s your emotional state of mind. It all depends on the circumstances, for instance, Jesus even turns some water into wine with all those additional connotations.


This is definitely spiritual for me. It is about invisible energy. It is the breath of God. It is life force in the form of breathing. It moves ships. It creates sandstorms. It carries birds and angels on the wing.

My Christian Dream Interpretations

I find doing Christian Dream Interpretations rather fascinating. It’s my culture to draw on and consider these images whenever I am listening to someone else’s dream description.

I think all of our dreams make use of our early childhood rituals, and however you think of them, they are built into our psyches if our backgrounds are Christian.

If you happen to be interested in having me interpret one of your dreams for you, I have just created a very small offering for a very nominal fee here.



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