Wisdom Dream Interpretation

I seem to be into interpreting dreams at the moment. Whether mine or other people’s. I am finding it fun and interesting, as follows…

My Example:

Dream Description:

I am travelling by car along an expressway. I come to a junction with roads weaving in different directions in the air. I slip-off the expressway down onto the ground and on an old country road. I recognize this old road but can’t place it.

I get out of the car and walk along a river bank under a the trees. I have a ticket for a pop festival that evening but on the way it starts to rain heavily.

I decide that standing in a field watching band in the pouring rain is not a good idea as it will be very muddy.

I wake up.

NB 1. There are no strong emotions either during the dream or on waking up. The title I chose for the dream when I wrote it down was “Dreaming of Dreaming” but it makes little sense now.

NB 2. I can’t relate this dream to anything happening in my life right now (and it’s not a recurring dream)

Dream Interpretation

On the face of it this dream looks rather mundane and without any important real meaning at all. However, on further analysis, this is not the case.

The Dream Message…

If it was my dream it would be about the inevitable ups and downs of life that one cannot do very much about. It reminds me of the Serenity Prayer that goes:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

Clearly there are things happening in the dreamer’s life that are not mentioned here but that make the dreamer feel tossed about maybe like a leaf. The dreamer would perhaps do well to consider some of those things in life and accept the things they cannot change.

The Workings…

I have put in bold the key phrases I have focused on in the dreamer’s dream in order to make the analysis clearer here. 

The phrase to slip off the road means that the dreamer is taking a different pathway here that is happening by chance. New pathways such as this may be the result of decisions or for various other reasons. The emotion that comes across here is one of hope rather than intention.

The old road that the dreamer ends up on is a pathway that could have been remembered, but was not on this occasion. However, old roads are about past memories of life and may relate to something nostalgic or perhaps the inner child of the dreamer. Either way it is representing a loss in emotional terms.    

The river followed is symptomatic of going with the flow of life. It’s simply representing the routine.

The pop festival represents fun and excitement and has or is a ticket to the good times. Many people feel on top of the world when they hear music they love and get to take part in it like at a pop festival.

However, the rain comes down in a ceaseless downpour. The rain stops all play and fun and to add to that there is mud too. This perhaps represents illness or something going badly wrong in the dreamer’s life at some recent time. Or it may not be so big, but it is a damper in this dream.

So that’s about it except for the title of the dream which is dreaming about dreaming. If this was my dream this would just be a recognition that it was a dream during the dream.

The upshot of the dream is that it goes from being up to being down to leveling out to going up again and then another downer. It’s like the “Wheel of Fortune” card in the Tarot pack.

If I was the dreamer here I would meditate upon the flow of this dream and see if there were things in one’s life one should just be accepting.


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