My Last Project

This is the start of my last project.

Project = an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.

Scope: My particular aim is to help people make their dreams come true. My measure for success is to help one person, that is enough. It could even be myself!

Resources: My small amount of spare energy

Time: It’s dependent on my resources, but the amount of work remains the same. I have a good understanding on that. But I am thinking a few years maybe to bring it all into focus.

Team Members: Me and you.

My Expertise

I have had the good fortune in life to be living my third life, as I call it. My first was as an academic, my second was as a business/systems consultant, and my third is as a “castaway” here on my desert island of Singapore. Thank goodness modern castaways have air-con.

Over my lifetime, I have built up expertise in many areas of project work but never really had a personal target that I felt committed to. When I was around 21 years old I had a vision of a golden world that I didn’t fully understand until now. I have been side-tracked by life and finally come back to it slowly over the past 15 years as a castaway.

Dream4fun has allowed me to make it clearer and has been a great blessing.

New Directions for Dream4fun

So this blog now has a new direction which is to use these skills for the definite purpose of mapping out the terrain I want to explore further and operate as a guide in.

I hope you will be happy to read the new, faltering posts as I feel my way in the landscape.

Thank you for your support so far, and I will be looking to your blogs for inspiration.


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