Dream Insights

R1. Most of the time, most people have routines that they go through each day. For instance, on workdays, they get up, go to work, work the morning, have lunch, work the afternoon and then come home, have dinner and chill out before going to bed and repeating the very same actions the next workday.

Frankly, most people are on a kind of auto-pilot, with very little room for new ideas or new activities. In fact, it is not only the things people do that are almost identical each day but the things they think and the feelings they have and also repeats.

It has been shown that the brain mechanisms that get us to live our lives like this are rather mechanical and deterministic. We even have built in functionality to screen out information from our senses that are out of line with our expectations. This is how a magician or conjurer manages to hoodwink us with sleight of hand and misdirection to achieve their acts for our entertainment.

This is how a magician or conjurer manages to hoodwink us with sleight of hand and misdirection to achieve their magic acts for our entertainment.

Novelty Through Dreams

So how can people slip the auto-pilot off for a few moments to achieve some novelty in their lives? Actually, it’s very difficult because most people don’t even realize it’s happening. It’s how the brain works.

But what happens at night in dreams? This is a time when the barriers in the brain operate differently and become rather more porous, and new possibilities can arise.

It doesn’t take much to slip through to make a difference. Let me give you an example.

My Dream

In my dream, I was looking after a she-leopard that I had safely in a pit with an iron bar across the top. The leopard felt soft and silky and was lithe a bit like a snake winding herself around my arm and wrist. She was rather playful yet like any wild animal, a little unpredictable. She needed a lot of attention for me to avoid her mild bites and scratches.

I was also “blessed” by the presence of a lioness that was prowling around and trying to get to the leopard. The lioness presented a danger and needed to be warded off from killing the leopard.

My attention was therefore split between the two animals in equal measure.

As a last interesting point, I was also dressed in ivy, wrapped around my body as clothing.

My Interpretation

It’s always a tricky thing to try and interpret a dream, but not so bad when it’s your own.

Indeed, it is a blessing because the leopard represents something rather touchy-feely that one wants to keep on one’s side. A tamed leopard indicates that problems are being dealt with in a satisfactory way.

On the other hand, the lioness also represents winning but with a different emphasis.

The problem was that they were in conflict because the methods they implied were different.

The final point about the ivy is also worthy of note since it represents positive and good feelings too.

It was a very powerful dream.

The Outcome

The outcome of thinking about the dream was that things in my life at that moment were in conflict in a way that I hadn’t seen before. The dream gave me a new perspective and a nudge in the right direction to resolve things before they got out of hand.

Had I not had the dream I am certain that I would not have noticed that the feelings of others in my life were not being fully considered and I would have caused unnecessary upset and problem.

Learning Point

The learning point for me from such dreams is that everyone spends most of their time on auto-pilot and focused on what is important to them. Whereas, the people around them are expecting them to behave in an appropriate manner for their needs too.

So when selfishness comes to the fore, a dream that gives and alternative viewpoint can be very helpful and positive, especially if it is as powerful as this one was for me.

Dreams do carry messages and insights that can be very helpful.



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