Dreams and Astrology

P1. The meaning of dreaming has been likened to our belief in astrology by dream expert Owen Flanagan in his book Dreaming Souls.

For many centuries, it has been common for people to believe that the position of the stars and planets at the time of our birth affects our personality and even our ultimate fate. So astrologers have refined their arts to use the movements of the planets and stars to predict our lives, careers, love lives, and even our daily encounters.

Similar kinds of things are commonly thought about dreams in that they may be used to predict future calamities or other life changing events.

But the questions are, do the stars and planets influence us in this way or do our dreams influence us in this similar way?

Whatever our viewpoints, I think there is a fundamental difference between dream interpretation and astrology, and that is that most of us don’t feel the effects of the planets and stars, but many of us do fee the effects of our dreams.

Furthermore, our dreams are clearly something we experience (at least during the dream) but we don’t experience the heavens or their effects nearly as directly. In astrology, we are passive observers, whereas in dreams we are active participants.

The point here is that dreams are part of our everyday (night) experiences but astrology is not (at least, not for me at any rate). So dreams as unique in the way they influence us in such a direct manner and cannot be likened to something outside of us like astrology.

Btw, I have no views on astrology. If it works for you then excellent. I just used it here as an example since I just read about it in Owen Flanagan’s book.

PS I guess this whole post is a small point really about whether dreams have meaning or whether they are just storms in the electrics of our minds. Again for me, if there is meaning in life then there is a corresponding meaning in my dreams since I experience both in a very similar way.


5 thoughts on “Dreams and Astrology

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. I don’t worry too much and just follow the evidence and what works for me. So (before even my time) when Einstein proposed his theory of general relativity, it was wildly supernatural. But then as people looked for the evidence the theory gradually became natural.

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