Dream Prompts

M2. I was asked yesterday about Dream Prompts, in my post on The Voyage Home. I found myself replying that we always know when a prompt from a dream means something important and that when we miss the real thing there are consequences because it can be unforgiving.

So this is more thoughts on dream prompts that perhaps should have been a comment on yesterday’s post but turned into this…

Well, I just woke up with a Bible quote whirling around in my head that said that if you meet Jesus it will be at a time when you least expect it because he will come or pass by “as a thief in the night” and “so you must be ready” (Matthew 24:42-44).

The thief in the night is like an intruder or a splinter in your dream. And being “in the night” is a reference to being in that dream too. The thief may catch you by surprise, just as you will certainly remember the prompt, thing or feeling you had in your dream when you wake up.

You can’t actually miss such a message, but you can ignore it.

This may happen if you relish being in that comfortable place, which I also mentioned yesterday, that was a place of being stuck in the doldrums and can signify malaise.

Btw. this idea of paying attention is often of great importance regarding dreams see my post on Attention in Lucid Dreams.

So Be Ready

In Gestalt Psychology, they refer to the moment when someone has pieces of a jig-saw or is trying to solve a complex problem and reaches the “aha!” moment. This is an unconscious leap of thinking that has produced the desired outcome.

It often seems like the answer has always been there and was just waiting to be discovered.

This is the feeling I have with dream prompts. It’s like I have been dragging my feet over something because I enjoy being in my “comfortable place”, but then I am awakened out of it all of a sudden.

The other message from the Bible quote earlier is that not being ready has implied negative consequences just as I said about ignoring significant dream prompts.

I guess it all depends on how committed you want to be and how important the dream prompt is. My own mindset is to be over impulsive and make irrational decisions rather too often. The other extreme is to seek security and follow the herd.

I am not saying which stance is correct.

But what I do say is that when (or if) you need to take that voyage home, you had better have a suitcase pre-packed “to be ready” and waiting to act or you may miss the moment.

And whatever the consequences are, they are yours alone but there is no guarantee that the moment will ever come again.


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