Dream Impulses

M2. My dream impulses remind me that I operate a lot of the time in real life on impulse. That is, when opportunities arise I will frequently take many of them without too much thought, just as I took the plane in my Dream to Adventure.

I have spent a lot of my life making even important decisions on impulse. That is, I put more weight on intuition than reason. The is why mathematics has always appealed to me since it is often a case of “guess and check”.

On reflection, I think I exhibit reckless optimism which I guess is just an extreme of being “impulsive”. (Rationally, I don’t even believe in optimism but try telling that to my intuition).

Anyway, the outcomes in real life have been rather mixed to say the least. More often than not, my impulses lead to problems. However, just occasionally, they also lead to real treasure. Either way, I don’t seem to have had much of a choice because it’s my nature.

I suppose I tend to follow the Nike tagline… just do it, and say “yes” to life as it happens.

I am also reminded here of the children’s film, Polar Express, where, at the end, the Train Conductor says to Hero Boy:

“One thing about trains: It doesn’t matter where they’re going.

What matters is deciding to get on.”

So that’s me. I just have to take the opportunity, make the commitment and have faith, because I suppose I wouldn’t be on my current path, unless I had the wit to solve whatever problems inevitably arise.

So what about you? Do you have a habitual behavior trait that carries you through your days? It’s worth discovering what that behavior is because it’s your automatic pilot. It’s easy to change the settings but only if you know what those settings are already.

Odin’s Day

Odin, Odin, I still feel that Odin is involved in some way. In Viking Legends, Odin is an important god associated with so many traits including healing, death, the gallows, knowledge, sorcery and more.

One poem about him says he dangled himself on a windy tree for 9 long nights, and there I was too, in my dream, hanging upside down on the back of that plane for quite a while and enjoying the view. Perhaps I was recollecting that poem of his mock-death and surrender where he goes full-out to attain the knowledge he craves.

It’s a Beginning

There is many a pun in everyone’s dreams. And the term I used about the pilot of the plane was that he was an “upstart”. So perhaps the pun would be about something starting-up and of me being “swept off my feet” more metaphorically rather than literally.

What are the puns in your dreams? Maybe you can comment me some of your experiences?

Another thing is the refreshment place at the end of the race that served up absolutely delicious food that was a delight to eat. I was, in fact, so engrossed in that enjoyment that I didn’t notice the race participants very much at all. By then, my whole focus was on blissful eating and the total satisfaction of my cravings in a way that only a dream can be. And it’s non-fattening!

I am certain now that this is indeed the start of some kind of adventure. I will watch it unfold as it spills over into and through my real-life.

Let’s wait and see.


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