Dream Re-Entry

M1. Dream Re-Entry is a technique of re-experiencing the dream you had during sleep, but while you are awake. I guess, people have used dream re-entry for as long as humans have been around.

It is done simply by going to your sacred spot and relaxing. The you bring to mind your memories of the dream that you want to explore. The method of exploration can be inwardly watched, or verbalized or even re-enacted in some way. It depends on your predilections.

Active Imagination

CG Jung invented a method he called Active Imagination which is a little bit similar to dream re-entry. Jung described his method as:

“a method of introspection for observing the stream of interior images. One concentrates one’s attention on some impressive but unintelligible dream-image … and observes the changes taking place in it. Meanwhile, of course, all criticism must be suspended…”

This is not the same as passive day-dreaming, but involves an active interaction with the image world one conjures up. This in turn is not the same as the dream one has had, but is an interaction only with the memories one has retained.

I like the quote I heard from somewhere that dreams are merely “postcards” from a journey that one has been on during the sleeping hours.

Memories of My Dream

In my blog yesterday I recounted a dream to adventure that I have now done some re-entry work with.

I asked a few questions in my re-entry session and got a fair number of answers of which I want to report the following:

  • The other participants in the race were not very happy with my extravagant “cheating”.
  • There was a lot of forgiveness though, because I had been “swept off my feet”, as they put it.
  •  The pilot of the plane was a well-known young “upstart” in the group who enjoyed playing tricks in all kinds of ways.

I was  impressed with the phlegmatic approach of the other participants, because they seemed to take it all in their stride and were quite unruffled.

Also, I could judge that there was a certain inevitability about the situation. It was mostly out of my hands.

Popping now into my head is the question of whether it is noteworthy that the dream took place on Wednesday, which is named after Odin. I find Odin a very mysterious character who always reminds me of Gandalf and of Merlin too.

My train of thought then takes me on from Merlin to King Arthur who always liked some magical thing to happen before feasting with his Knights.

Finally, I was left wondering if the dream was really as portentous or important as it felt. Although, I know from my past that, when I see such a “glitch” in my dream reality (like in the film, The Matrix) there are likely to be some unexpected consequences.

Associations can run wild if you let them go beyond the first, immediate step.

However, I just have faith and remember the quote from the American poet, Carl Sandburg:

“Nothing happens unless first we dream”

What will happen next in my dream to adventure?


5 thoughts on “Dream Re-Entry

  1. Does Dream reentry refer to seeing the dream scene play out in your head upon waking? I’ve have had many dreams, where I see the rest of the scene from the dream play out in my head. Let me give you an example. Night before last, I had a dream, that my parents, my oldest niece, and my daughter were on a trip, to take my daughter back to see her dad. In the dream, we stopped at Subway somewhere, and got some food, The food was bas, so we took it back, and got a box full of subs, chips, drinks, and a bunch of other stuff. As I was waiting for my dad to take me out to our truck, I heard my mom, my niece and my daughter come back into the store. My daughter was crying, complaining about a bump on her head. When I awoke, I saw the scene play out, that the lady who had accidentally bumped into her, found us at the place where we were supposed to drop off my daughter, so she could go home with her dad. When she found us, the lady gave my family, and Sharen and her dad and his family each a box of food, and told us that if there was any medical problems with my daughter Sharen, that she would take care of the bill, because she caused the accident. Is this an example of dream reentry?

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    1. Hi Annwritesthings, Dream re-entry is different for everyone. The idea is that you recall, as vividly as you can, at least part of your dream. Then you imagine the dream replaying, according to your best recollection, and here you consciously allow things to happen. I always approach the re-entry process with intent: That is, I have some questions about it. For the most part the action simply unfolds, but I mentally note what happens and may occasionally pause the proceedings to ask a specific question. The overall purpose is to get yourself more closely attuned to the source from where the dream images bubble up in order to get authentic answers to your questions.
      So, “Did you experience dream re-entry?” Well, I would say from your explanation that you were more passive than I would have been. Although you did notice some new information that second time around. I tend to be very curious so I am more interactive, but I have to strike a balance and not interfere too much with the flow of the re-enactment.
      Of course, your re-entry technique may also carry the dream beyond where you got up to in your memory of the original. I think you experienced this.
      The short answer is that if you got the information you wanted then it was a good example of dream re-entry.
      Hope that helps. I will be doing a blog post on the subject… one day soon. But many thanks for the prompting now, and with such a candid example of your own experience. Fantastic!


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