Dream to Adventure

P1. When I have a spontaneous flying dream it normally means something because it really catches my attention. It normally means I need to think of it as a Big Dream (I will explain what that means tomorrow maybe)

My Flying Dream

I am taking part in a running race across the rolling green hills in England. The other competitors are hedgehogs, mice, voles and various other small animals too. I am not winning, so I cartoon car pulls up next to me and the driver, a mouse, tells me to hop-in.

We speed off along country roads until we are flying as the car has now transformed into a single-engined, light aircraft. The countryside floats by below and I can see the other racers making good progress towards the finish line. We bank and do a circuit then I am told to put on the parachute and standby.

I find myself in a ‘ready’ position hanging upside down from the tip of the tail of the plane. As we go across a ridge I release myself and fall down past a rocky escarpment. I pull the rip-cord and the ‘shute billows open. I drift over a wonderful landscape of trees and meadows with a river too. There is a tea shop at the finish line and I land nearby just in time for refreshments.

This is just the rough plot. There are many more details to recount. Fantastic!

I feel this is a dream to adventure that is about to start.

(To be continued…)


6 thoughts on “Dream to Adventure

  1. Do you like to write fiction? I don’t remember whether you said you do or not before, but that sounds like an idea for a short story. I just wrote a short story called An Unusual Glitch, about an app that causes a major glitch of computers, tablets, and smart phones. This story was based on a dream I had that my iPhone went crazy after I got off a ride. You never know what your dream could mean, or how it can inspire you. Happy writing.

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  2. Hi Annwritesthings, I liked your comment. It reminds me of when I was at school )half a century ago) when I wasn’t much good at Art, so was thrown out and spent my Art lessons in the corridor. I had the same situation with music. However, I am glad to say that my English teacher was a little more sympathetic despite the fact that I found reading so difficult and writing very much harder.
    But I still I don’t write fiction yet.
    Thanks anyway for your encouragement. Take care.


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