For Once – Not About Dreaming

P1. I just read this article on BBC Website which frankly irritated me.

It’s all about that never ending saga of dieting to lose weight.

And what a meal they make out of it. I can fully see why a whole industry has grown up around the subject. I even know someone with a stapled stomach. Can you believe it?

Let me give you my take on this subject once and for all.

It is so simple.

You’re going to discover a weight-loss trick that’s worked for me — and it will work for
you, too.

The Facts

The fact is that eating more calories than you burn leaves you with a surplus that is available to be stored as fat.

Likewise, you can reverse the process and take fat out of your body by burning more calories or by eating fewer calories.

That’s it.

Will Power

People think that by using “will power” they can change the situation, and the answer is that there is no such thing as “will power” so you/we are kidding yourselves.

Doing more exercise is a tough call. It takes a lot of exercise to burn off a biscuit. But lots of people join gyms and then rarely attend after the first flush.

So that only works for the few who love exercising. Good for them. I used to as well before life took a turn.

The other method is to eat less. And how we kid ourselves with that one. Every diet book I have ever seen is full of recipes!

Forget it.

My Solution

Yeah, yeah, my solution. Yet another example you say of “Here take my advice, I am not using it”

But I am using it, so consider it for yourself.

I don’t have an goal in my approach. I just like to watch the weight fall off.

That’s why I am successful every day, because every day I follow my process.

I decided 3 weeks ago when I went to the doctor’s that 89 kg was too fat. I had not paid attention to the weight gain cos it happens slowly.

Since I started my process I have lost 3 kg. That’s not a lot but if I keep going I will have lost 9 kg in 9 weeks. And frankly it’s easy.

I don’t have will power. I love to eat. Last night I ate dinner followed by snacks of cream cheese and a crumpet, and some potato chips and a spoon of cheap ice-cream. Delicious!

You can do the same, so read on…

My Process

Every day is already a success by lunch time, because I only eat 100 calories for breakfast then nothing else till lunch. I drink 5 or 6 weak cups of coffee during the morning and in some I pop in a bit of milk, but it’s mostly just liquid and it fills me up and fits in with my coffee habit. (It’s ok I only drink 50g of instant coffee a week overall)

Then for lunch I eat a load of vegetables cos I am vegetarian. I skip the carbs but end up very full after lunch. That takes me to 600 calories up to lunch time.

Then I drink more coffee and keep busy in the afternoon until I eat a huge vegetarian dinner about 6pm. That takes me to 1200 calories.

Then in the evening I have 400 calories to play with to make my daily total of 1600.

Sometimes I get to 1800 calories, but it doesn’t matter cos it’s less than or maybe equal a normal days calorie output.

I feel great every day, as I said by lunch-time. Then in the morning I step on the scales and think well done again for making tiny but sure amounts of progress.

I can’t see what the dieting fuss is all about. It’s not about will power, it’s not about grand targets, it’s not about denying yourself great food.

It’s about following a simple process each day.

If you don’t like mine then make your own. No problem, but make it a process and not a set of (wishful thinking) goals.



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