Strange Dream

P1. I decided to share one of my dreams with you. It’s a bit bizarre, strange and a tiny bit silly.

Here it is…

Death & Co

I find myself climbing down a tower block of apartments. On the ground I meet Einstein who is playing on a computer game. This seems very strange and I look carefully at what he is playing. It’s a Tetris-type game fitting pieces of a puzzle together. It is amazing colors of orange, violet and greens that match the grass below that we are standing on. I look at my watch but I can’t read it properly. So I start to wonder if this is a dream and check again. The digits around the rim of the watch look like cartoon digits and I check again and the time has changed. I am definitely lucid.

Albert Einstein is now climbing up the side of the building, and I take the game and start to control where Einstein goes using an old fashioned mouse paddle/joystick. Up and sideways I send him. I try and make him fall off but I can’t and he climbs into an elevator on the side of the building and comes back down. He says, “Play safe” to me.

I decide to explore and remember I need somewhere to live so go looking for a nice house. I float rather than fly and come across a wonderful oasis of houses in the parkland. It’s up on a hill and surrounded by a huge garden with trees that look like green, sparkling balloons on sticks. More ornamental than natural. There is some white fencing around the property and it’s a kind of House that Jack built kind of house: It’s a bit higgledy-piggledy.

The Commute

I dream about work settings a lot. And where I am now is just close enough to the city and school that I can take my child by bicycle. The streets nearby are in a state of flux but the essence of this backwater remains.

There is even a small train that goes down the hill and cuts across huge aerial highways, on it’s way to Wall St. below.The highways are difficult to cross otherwise, because when you tread on the sandy side-banks the ground gives way and you slide. The lucid dreaming narrator in my ear tells me I need faith to cross that way. Apparently, I need to believe in St. Dickenson to “walk the train” across these crusted highways to get to the office. It’s an amazing journey above and below the road system and across fields of skyscrapers to my destination.

The office I work in is called Death and Co. It’s a Wall St. firm and I have worked there for a long time and commuting from different locations.

The sense of the dream is of a local yet global situation, of a small yet vast dream realm, it was precarious yet uplifting to witness, especially in that lucid dreaming state.


I do tend to just watch dreams passively these days rather than interact like I used to. Also, I used to work in the City of London and let me tell you there were lots of companies with bizarre names like that then. This one just seems a little more morbid than usual. Stockbroker names that come to mind now are Scrimgeours, Vickers da Costa, Kitkat&Aitken, Wedd Durlacher Mordaunt and Co. So you can see in real life names were strange.


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