Why Have Fun?

M1. Following the Blogging 101 prompt on learning styles, which only flashed across my screen as I clicked groggily, aimlessly and randomly during my 3rd morning coffee as I read the Daily Post front page.

My learning style is participative, visual, interactive and fun

So it is fitting that I approach my blog URL, dream4fun and ask myself why I chose “fun” and not “wisdom” or “enlightenment” or at least something which sounds more erudite, lecture style, intellectual, sophisticated, grand,… etc.

It fits my learning style because “fun” means enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure. But for some people, surely this is not a place to go for important knowledge to be absorbed through listening quietly and meditating.

And they are right!

The reason I write a blog and not a pompous website is because it’s not me. I want comments desperately, I want participation, I want debate and discussion, I want to hear dissent. That is my learning style because I don’t have all the answers but I am a little way down a road. The question is though, “Am I on the right road?”

I must admit I enjoy the ambiguity of fun vs wisdom and enlightenment too.

Ecstasy, Joy, Bliss, Delight, Rapture… Fun

There seem to be endless words for having a good time, and having a pleasurable experience is what encourages us to keep doing whatever we do.

I have noticed that many people are not so good at listing delightful experiences like jubilation and passion and gaiety (I mean the older type of gay here) and euphoria and so many more. But they are excellent in bad experiences like depression, anger, etc. and I don’t know why. Maybe they just focus on that side of life?

But the biggest problem most people really seem to have with almost any activity, is that after the first inspiration to do something or learn something, they lose interest or get distracted. I guess this is their learning style that cuts in.

With dream I want to explore the depths of our minds, even down (up?) to the spiritual level. It also takes time, so it’s easy to become distracted unless we get something out of it pretty quickly.

More Fun

I am talking here about tapping into the outpouring of the energy that comes into the world. It takes some effort at the start to “prime the pump”. But once you are up and running, inner awakening generates it’s own sense of joy and emotional illumination that carries with it various insights into the meaning of life and purpose.

As the awakening begins, new emotional energies are discovered and we become more sensitive to the world in both dream and in our waking lives.

For me the whole process of learning starts by having fun. I need the light-hearted nature of amusement and pleasure to distract myself from the gravity of what I up to when hunting inner knowledge. I imagine the same is true for many of us because fun is:

  • Our motivator and our protector.
  • Our focus rather than our self-importance.
  • Our  lightness that allows ecstatic flight rather than seriousness that weighs us down.

I think fun is something many modern people can relate too in our age of Apple, apps, Twitter and sound-bites.

Please help to make my blog lively by adding comments whenever you think of anything to write.

This is the essence of Dream4fun.


PS. You might also want to see my “Play” post too.






4 thoughts on “Why Have Fun?

  1. I agree that there seems to be a lot more focus on depression, anger, fear…these days, the world seems so full of danger that focusing on such things feels almost expected. Thanks for this blog that emphasizes fun instead and helps me feel a little more optimism and joy!

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