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It seems a small thing for Blogging 101 – Day 4, but there is a coincidence in itself since my logo is a 4 too. I have simply changed the background color to gold, but it’s a meaningful change.

Let me explain…

Why Gold?

Gold is the color of the rising sun as it gives the radiance to a new day. It is the color of achievement, success, renewal, abundance and luxury.

When I worked in investment banking, almost all my ties were gold in color. It was different to the power ties of red wearing people and the conformity ties of the blue brigade. I associated closely with it, for it’s radiance and it’s optimism.

I should also say, I worked as a Management Trainer for 10 years and during that time I discovered that one of my main interests is to acquire deep knowledge and understanding of myself as a spiritual being. I also share a few of the characteristics mentioned for someone who enjoys the color gold, as seen here.

When I get now to the latter stages of my life, there is not a lot to look forward to or to plan for, but, by the same token, the present moment takes on a dynamic radiance too all of it’s own. Each present moment is beautifully special for what it is.

It’s often referred to as one’s “Golden Years”, but nobody explains why.

For You

For the reader of this blog, gold signifies renewal and a new beginning through considering your dreams. We all spend 2 hours a night dreaming and I am sure it’s for a reason.

I want you to see, as I do, that dreaming taps into the depth of your psyche and, perhaps, even your soul.  As Freud said, and I repeat it many times:

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind”

But the art of dreaming has largely been forgotten in favor of work, relationships, fitness, finances, home-building, family, etc.

But your mind is important.

You are important.

Without being able to tap into the energy from the depths of your mind, nothing will happen for you!

So take some time for yourself and get to know yourself better.

Gold Finally, the 4 in the logo means that you need to give yourself benefits in the form of fun or whatever you prefer. Otherwise, the “gods”or “muses” or “spirits” will get bored, and so will you.

So do have some fun too.




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