A Bigger Dream

M2. I dreamed that I was trying to get somewhere and traveling with a special person. The experience of the dream was a series of delights.

I enjoy hotels and of that feeling of having options which are presented to me by the hotel staff. I enjoy walking up and down staircases and of viewing the architecture and grandeur that goes with them.

It was a a marvelous dream. There were buffet spreads of fantastic foods that I literally had to wade through at times. The colors were psychedelic.

When I traveled between hotels I was offered lifts in different luxury limos. Everyone was friendly.

But what did it all mean?

I had the final lines of Robert Frosts famous poem in my head when I woke up:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

How was that relevant?

What difference did the chosen path make?

Where was I going in the dream?

The Solution

The first thing I noticed was that all roads where the same. It didn’t seem to matter where I went or what experiences I had. They were all good in there own way.

I also didn’t change as the dream progressed. There was no real change and no real progress towards anything.

I wasn’t trying to become anything. I am already myself.

There was no need to do anything. There is nothing to achieve.

I was already complete. Yet something is missing in the way I view things. There is a trick I haven’t got yet that maybe leads to another path.

What it was really about was finding myself through the experiences of living and dreaming. Sometimes we get carried away with the notion of progress. We think that because there is progress in the field of action that it gets carried over to who we are.

I think the dream was telling me that what is important is not the ever-changing images going by but the thread that runs through it all. There is a thread that I associate with, but that is not important either but instead simply a vehicle of awareness.



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