Dreaming Nature

M1. We are all dreamers and it’s fun.

When I think about my internal subjective experiences, they are all in the manner of dreams.

I dream of forms when I am dreaming.

I dream of no forms when I am in dreamless sleep.

I dream I am awake when I am in the waking world.

Dreaming is my nature and dreaming is my subjective experience.

Birth and Death

Before I was conceived I have no memory of dreaming.

I wonder, as we all do, about dying. But I don’t conceive death as a subjective process or event or anything else. I believe it is beyond subjective experience.

After I die I don’t know what to expect. It seems greedy of me to hope for dreams after death since life is my only experience of dream, so far.

I don’t worry about the possible lack of dreams after I die, just as before I was conceived, I have no no feeling of loss about the lack of dreams then either.

If I do dream then I imagine I cannot be dead, because dreaming is the experience only of life.

If I dissolve into the void after my death, then it will surely be dreamless.


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