Outside In

P1. The world has many views, and this is mine, from the outside in …

Far Far Away

The Void is outside Space-Time. It is the unknown and maybe the unknowable.

Inside that, we have cosmology that for some strange reason seems to be quite simple. Where once there were angels there are now mathematical equations and huge data-sets.

Closer to Home

Inside that is our own culture that is different everywhere. But on another level often covers the same kinds of things to do with how we work together in groups.

This is the world of politics, sociology, anthropology, etc. It includes all human knowledge that is now online but used to be mostly in libraries, art galleries and museums.

Me, Myself, I

Inside that is the person who is studied by biology and psychology. This is complex as only the human body and brain can be. These are the most complex things we have found so far in our external explorations. We are still an enigma, but an enigma slowly being cracked.

And Then “What Dreams May Come”

Then what? It’s the mystery of experience that we all share and know. It’s the same for everyone yet independent for everyone.

In our imagination and dreams is a world that expands inside out, without limit.

From the “doors of perception” to the gods of the heavens and demons of nightmares, through the fun and excitement of lucidity and the depths of dreamless sleep to expand further, then out full-circle again … 

to the Void.


PS… Reference Inner Worlds Outer Worlds


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