Lucid Dreaming Stories

P1. Lucid dreaming stories abound on the internet. But how many of them are really believable and not just exaggerated for some effect.

When you have your first lucid dream it is indeed a magical experience. At least it was for me. After trying for quite a few weeks the first moment of lucidity was simply stunning and made me feel great for days afterwards, despite the fact that little had actually happened!

But it was a revelation.

For yourself, if you haven’t had a lucid dream yet, then you can’t imagine the feeling of the experience. It’s like someone telling what tasting something like sugar or salt is like when you have never tasted it. You can’t even begin to imagine the sensation.

So let me give you an idea of some of the faltering moments I had in my early days of trying to have a lucid dream. These lucid dreaming stories are all true and come from my dream journal of 2007.

1. Finally, A Lucid Dream

I was in a cabaret lounge. I was with a group of friends and we were siting at a table watching the show. It was a stage full of dancers and the band was playing some old fashioned band music. I needed to go to the bar so off I went on a travelator that went across the middle of the venue, past a lot of mostly empty tables all the way to the bar. The barman was free and he started to prepare my drink using a shiny cocktail shaker and bottles of colored liquids. Finally, he poured the drink into my glass at a very strange angle like the drink was going upwards. I noticed that that was alright but then again it was weird. Then it hit me… I was dreaming.

I said out loud, “This is a dream! I’m lucid!” As I said that everything seemed to stop in mid-flow. I saw everything differently. Every detail on the sparkly costumes of the dancers. Every bottle behind the bar. I grabbed my drink and went back along the travelator moving as if I was on roller-blades in long strides and twirling around, but not going particularly fast. It was really flying a few feet off the ground and looking down on the people I passed.

I reached the end by my own tables and said something to the people there but they took little notice. The waited then brought some amazing food in served in baskets. It was like waffle potatoes but made in such a filigree kind of workmanship. They were beautiful, golden and delicate with such incredible intricacy like lacework. I took some of these and ate them and they were delicious. Just wonderfully delicious. Lightly crunchy and with a fantastic texture in my mouth. I said to myself, “You can’t get fat eating in a lucid dream!” So I ate quite a lot.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I ate lots if different varieties of food whilst saying to myself that it was a dream and it was so exciting. Later after a few more incidents I woke up and felt totally alive and exhilarated. It took many days for the feeling to wear off.

You never forget your first lucid dream.

2. The Golden 3

To understand the second of my early lucid dreaming stories, I need to give you a little background. I had been practicing a test for whether I was dreaming or not, during the day for the previous week or two. The test was to look at my watch to see if it altered when I looked away and then looked back. Digital watches work best but as you will see my dream decided to be different to the norm.

I was in a school classroom with all the sights and sounds that go with that. But I was not a child but wearing my suit and in my twenty’s. The teacher was giving us an assignment and explaining how it had to be done but I was looking around the class at the other children. I was also very aware of the old fashioned desk I was sitting at. The frame was wrought iron and the bench seat was old and had a very deep grain. It was lacquered brown color with a blackness to the depth of the grain. It felt old like skin and alive too.

The teacher seemed to be going on forever and I got fidgety and looked at my watch. It was the same as my usual watch and it read 3 o’clock. It was the last session of the school day. I tried to look back at the teacher but my gaze was held by my watch. There was something strange about it and then, as if the watch was trying to tell me, the number 3 on the watch literally jumped off the dial and became a golden braided number 3 hovering in mid-air. Then I got the message. This beautiful golden 3 was telling me I was lucid and that it was a dream, because my watch in reality does not have a number 3. It’s missing!

I went wild and ran around the classroom shouting that this was a dream. My running turned to flying and I went though the window and down to the playground. The scenery had become parkland and trees and was as vivid as I could imagine.

The lucidity lasted for a lot longer and I won’t go through the details here. But the realization to lucidity was a blast with that beautiful golden 3. I finally got it.

3. The Other World

I believe that dreams are not only fun but also give us insights into that realm that joins us with the spiritual dimension. That space has been called the sacred center, the other world and the golden world by the philosopher Mircea Eliade. To enter into it is to experience a sublime state where we have an encounter something truly meaningful and magical.

My own experience of this state did not happen so much in a dream but more in a state I can only describe as lucid dreaming while awake. It began on a bright, spring day as I sat in a local country park relaxing under a cherry tree in full blossom.

The world simply and spontaneously shifted in brightness, color, texture and, probably most of all, in meaning. The cherry blossoms were falling like gentle pinkish rain from the cherry trees round about. But they didn’t just fall, but floated upwards too. The ground I sat on felt different and soft too. The grass became alive.

I was carried out of myself and stood up looking around in total amazement at the transformation around me. Nothing had changed and yet everything was different. When I looked at other trees they displayed intricate structures in their forms and shapes. Everything was connected to each other and also to me, like a web of radiance. I walked some distance on the leafy paths in a nearby wooded area that I knew so well in that park and I felt like I was embedded in a net of connections. of color, light, sounds and smells that were totally ethereal and beautiful.

I continued for some time before the vision subsided. It may have been 15 minutes or longer because I lost track of time. I was excited, shocked and in a state of bliss that took many hours to wear off.

I have since spent my life trying to recapture that experience, but I think it only comes once or twice for most people. I have had vaguely similar experiences in my dreams but nothing so startlingly vivid and authentic as this as yet. The memory of that original encounter remains simply magical and out of this world.


4 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming Stories

  1. My first lucid dream confused me as hell. I did not know at that time that this sort of thing happens and so the entire time I kept trying to open my physical eyes. It wasn’t helpful though and I kept wondering how to wake myself up! I wasn’t scared just weirded out. 😀

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  2. Yes, Swetha It’s a good thing that everyone loses at least 30 IQ points in a lucid dream so sorting things out logically is almost impossible without luck or practice. You just end up experiencing it, and isn’t that just what life is about anyway.


  3. Yellow is my dream sign. I kept journals for a long while since I have a lot of dream recall. It feels like I can rewind and play each of my deepest nightly dream stories to myself each day. I began to see a lot of connections to the color yellow happening in my most lucid dreams. When I kept looking for reality check habits to form, like the press fingers into the palm of your hand, hold your nose and breathe, etc.; or even looked for a common dream animal guide as I have heard that many people use… I kept finding yellow was my lucid guide to inner dream awareness. So, what has happened more now is that I can be in a dream and I may choose to turn something there yellow as my reality check. Then I know right away, I have dream awareness and especially, control.

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  4. Stairs are my commonest dream sign. Usually in a hotel, but sometimes outdoors on a lakeside or around a building. My reality check is to bend an object in some way, sometimes a table, but usually more a glass window or a wall. I have never thought of using color because that often only becomes noticeable after I become lucid.
    It’s interesting how other people do it.
    Also I am grappling with notions of free-will currently and enjoy the everyday feelings of letting decisions make themselves in real life. So I seem to do that more in dreams too these days. Maybe I just like to be passive rather than being in control. Again it’s interesting to hear what other people do.
    Thanks indeed for your comment.


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