Do You Hate Life? (Or Love It?)

M1. Do you hate life? Of course not! Nobody wants to admit that they hate life. But people often do! If you scratch the surface of many people, to get beneath the mask, you will find turmoil. It comes out in fear, in hedonism, in preciousness, in self-importance and again in dream.

Dreams reflect back aspects of yourself. So if, in your dream, you have anxious moments or fears or feel alienated, etc then you should think in your waking moments about your attitude to life.


When you were a child you will have had nightmares.Perhaps being chased by a monster, or seeing Death come to visit, or just normal events where you feel acute fear.

These are considered “normal” in children. But why are such nightmares normal?

I guess it’s because children have to go through all kinds of torments in coming to terms with the world as it is. It takes time to accept that we do dreadful things to enjoy our rich lifestyles. Things such as:

  • Kill animals to eat
  • Use “slave” labor in other countries to make cheap clothes
  • Fight wars to maintain territory or ideology for nationhood

I can remember my own childhood had tough moments growing up, and children in other countries have it far, far worse than I ever did.

The world religions help us out here by offering stories about how it’s all ok, and God’s Will, to do these acts, but children can still see it all for the horror that it is.

Attitude to Life

I have asked many people about their attitude to life, and most people don’t even want to discuss it. I guess the pain is too great. But these people still suffer from existential and other fears just the same, and it often comes out in dreams.

The world religions have different attitudes towards life and it takes time for children to mature into adults and to accept these views. There is also the problem that in the current world, we are all exposed to the views of other religions, and then there is Science knocking down basic religious ideas for many people too.

Frankly it feels a bit of a mess.


I have found for myself that some dream analysis can help uncover what is happening in my own life and can give pointers on how to resolve these issues.

The position that I have come to is to boil it all down to a simple act of faith whereby differing ideas are integrated into what Aldous Huxley once called the Perennial Philosophy. It’s a while since I read it but like all good culture, it benefits from maturing in one’s head for a few years.

So, for what it’s worth, my view is that no philosophy or religion has a monopoly on what is right. I also have to accept that the world is as it is and maybe, if there is some problem, then it is my misunderstanding.

That means that what is required from me is the faith to accept that life is good for all its ills and horrors. I should try not to run from it. I should not worry about changing it. I just need to learn to love life as it is and love people for who they are.

Dreams Change Everything

I have found over the years that my dreams have changed as my philosophy of life has changed. I rarely get nightmares anymore.

I find my dreams are more about love than fear.

I find myself waking up in the mornings feeling happier with life rather than shying away, through distractions, from the realities of life, and I know those feelings are a direct extension from the more peaceful and happy dreams I now have.


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