Dream Insights

P1. On the subject of dream insights, I listen to different sleep experts and get different views. My question is,

“Do dreams offer us insights into the mystery of the world?”

As I said, many experimental psychologists say that dreams are simply explosions of random electronic and chemical changes in the brain that have no meaning, at all.

But my view is that on the subject of meaning, it is nothing to do with science at all.

Look In or Look Out

Instead, I believe the correct place to start is to ask,

“Do we find insights from the outer world or from our inner world?”

I think this then conjures up another question which is,

“Am I part of the divine mystery of the world, or am I the medium of a message?” 

These questions are fundamental to me in my relation to my dreaming since I believe I find meaning in my dreams. For if I am simply a medium for receiving messages from my creator then dreams only carry messages rather than levels of meaning for me.

Of course either answer is acceptable since that is how the world is, but they are different.

Dream Insights

I believe that dreams do hold insights into the nature of the world we live in. They also bring messages, at times, from the collective unconscious that psychotherapist Carl Jung talked about.

Dreams also bring us insights into the rituals and habits we take on in our daily lives. They give us a different perspective that is instructive. They also are the fount of our creativity and intuition.

Dreams are indeed worth spending time with.


2 thoughts on “Dream Insights

  1. You have understood dreams right :). Most of us dismiss dreams but in truth just as we have this physical life where we breathe, eat, work, dance etc., we have a whole other life in the dreamscape where we use portions of our consciousness that do not need physical senses (eyes, ears, nose and the lot) to perceive the surrounding. In dreams we solve problems, set goals and construct our physical life gradually. They essentially serve as blueprints 🙂

    Great post! 😀

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