Alcohol Rehab Treatment

P1. I notice that there are lots of books out recently about alcohol rehab treatment for people suffering from alcohol addiction.

Let’s be clear, alcohol abuse is commonplace in many countries and alcohol is a dangerous drug, but you don’t need rehab centers or extensive therapy sessions or laborious books to tell you what to do.

Just follow me…

Alcohol, Sleep and Dreams

It’s a fact that alcohol consumption affects your sleep and dreams in a bad way. With plenty of alcohol you sleep easily but the quality of your sleep is reduced. You will have shorter REM periods so less dreaming. You may suffer from loss of memory. You may suffer from emotional effects too. And then of course there is a good chance of a hangover.

My Experience

I said above that if you want to stop drinking alcohol then follow me. I used to be an alcoholic for many years. Not the sort you see on the park bench, but the middle class sort that drinks way too much and gets drunk most nights.

My habit was to spend every evening after work in a bar. I would often be drinking for 4 hours or so and would drink maybe 10 to 15 measures of alcohol in that time. At weekends I used to start drinking by lunchtime and would then drink a bottle of wine before going out in the evening to do some real drinking.

As I say this I feel ashamed, but it’s true. But the reason I am sharing this is that if it can help you or anyone else who reads this, then it’s worth it. I wish you the very best if you want to stop your own alcohol abuse and claim your life back.

I tried to stop drinking many, many times but it never worked.

The Solution

The solution for me came out of the blue. I had booked up 3 life coaching sessions just to see how I could change my career or start a business or just make some more money. The coach asked me in the first session what my goal was and I said those things. She sounded skeptical and asked me what else would be important to me, and after some exploratory discussions, I finally blurted out that to do what I wanted, I would have to stop drinking so much alcohol. That was actually a surprise to me. As the session finished she told me to consider for next time, how I might achieve that.

My Method

I decided to write down my strongest personality characteristics, which were that, I am…

  • Scientific
  • Rebellious
  • Imaginative
  • Creative
  • Fussy about food

I also was reading about Lucid Dreaming at the time and found that fascinating, so I decided to use a similar model for stopping drinking altogether.

It went like this:

  • I knew I had to use my rebellious nature to say, no to a drink when I was about to drink it. At that moment, nothing else could matter.
  • I had to use my imagination to invent something about alcohol that would disgust me (because I am fussy about food) and I also needed to show progress and test myself to know how effective I was being.
  • I had to be utterly scientific about installing the whole process into my mind so that it would work every time.
  • I knew I was weak-willed, so I would need to be creative about how I would handle the inevitable relapses. So I included them as part of the plan. I thought that was pretty clever. I would not beat myself up for a relapse but instead examine it carefully and know that it was simply a test that gave me information that my imagination was not being vivid enough yet. So I needed to work harder at that imagination. Then know I would be tested again. If I won I won, but if I lost then it was a signal to do more and not be negative about it.
  • Finally I knew I would need to I would need to avoid places and people of temptation, as I worked on developing the habit not to drink alcohol. I might even need to change my habits a lot and maybe even need to change my friends for a while. It’s a bit like when you get married. There are some friends that are ok to keep, but some others are better put to one side.

That’s it. My own Alcohol Rehab Treatment in a nutshell.

My Success

The short story is that within 2 weeks I was clean. I wasn’t drinking alcohol at all. I had even had a ceremony to pour all my bottles and cans of alcohol down the toilet. That was both liberating yet still a painful experience.

That was 14 years ago and I have not had any alcohol at all since. I don’t even eat food with traces of alcohol added. I have never relapsed even once this time round.

My method used a simple trick. I used to go home after work and sit there every evening and focus on a drink in my mind. I decided the thing that alcohol contained was worms.

Every time I saw a drink I saw it full of writhing, slimy worms. I imagined them so vividly that I felt sick and disgusted just imagining it. I imagined them going down my gullet and into my stomach and being consumed by two snakes that lived in my body.

Every day was the same for two weeks. Every time I saw a drink I had the same vision. Every time I drank alcohol I felt the wriggling worms going down and the snakes rolling about in my stomach as they consumed them.

I kept on drinking occasionally over that 2 weeks period, but every time I did drink I focused even more strongly on my vision of the worms and the snakes.

At the end of the 2 week period I found I could say no to a drink and that was when I threw all the booze I had down the toilet and danced a jig.

In Retrospect

The final coaching session I had was merely to tell the coach that I was cured and didn’t need anything else at that time.

I still see the worms in the alcohol. I still feel the snakes on bad days. I still have to say out loud, “no” to alcohol. I still can’t go into a bar with ease. But the rest of my life is wonderful, I have a lot more time in each day, and my dreams are a delight.

Giving up alcohol was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but my method worked for me.

I never want to go back to be the wretched person that I was when I couldn’t say no to a drink, but instead I experience a freedom every day in my waking life and in my dream life too.

Thanks for listening to my story of my own, home-grown alcohol rehab treatment that worked for me.


3 thoughts on “Alcohol Rehab Treatment

    1. Thanks CameraPenTravel. I wrote it with total honesty to help and inspire anyone else who is trapped on the same alcoholic merry-go-round. I’m so glad I got back onto terra firma.


    2. Thanks CameraPenTravel. I wrote it with total honesty to help and inspire anyone else who is trapped on the same alcoholic merry-go-round. I’m so glad I got back onto terra firma.


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