Waking Life

M1. To illustrate the complexities of what people imagine can happen in dreams is shown in the film, “Waking Life”, which is a rather quirky animation film. It starts off by introducing the phrase, “Dream is Destiny” and is about a young, unnamed man who simply observes strange happenings and listens to dream characters in deep discussions that have been described as “high-brow babbling”. But the film does progress and the dreamer starts to participate more and more actively in these discussions.

He then has his first real lucid awakening. He is talking to a dream character who says that dreaming is real and one can have a lot of fun in dreams too and in fact “Fun Rules”.

But instead of simply having fun the dreamer tries to find meaning in his dreams and he goes deeper and deeper. Eventually, he find himself entangled and trapped in an endless series of false awakenings, from which he doesn’t seem to wake up. He then has some revelations and finally disappears inside his dream by floating off into the sky, perhaps to become “one” with the universe, and he never actually comes back to normal waking life again.

So Can we Get Trapped or Die in a Dream

Before we jump to conclusions, let’s put the danger in some kind of context. And by danger I am thinking here of death or entrapment in the dream. Also let’s note that I am not a health professional, so this is just my personal views on the question.

Whether something is dangerous or not depends on how risky the thing is and for lucid dreaming there is no evidence one way or another. So instead, we need to consider how people have died in “normal” life is so that we can make some proper comparisons. So see Mortality Rates

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