Dangers of Lucid Dreaming

P1. Other than death in a lucid dream, there could possibly be other dangers of lucid dreaming that lead to other rather less momentous outcomes but still with important connotations, such as the following:

  • There may be difficulty in distinguishing between dream and reality. But this is also the case with normal dreams, and is in fact, less likely with lucid dreams. Either way, you don’t want to rely on dream memories in your day to day experiences as this could be dangerous.
  • The idea that in a lucid dream that consciously changing a dream is not normal and you may be missing out on authentic “messages from the unconscious?”. If you are really worried about this then as a lucid dreamer, just observe and don’t control and you should be just fine.
  • I have heard it said that as a lucid dreamer I may become addicted to the pleasure of my dreams and be wasting my life. Well we are all addicted to pleasures in some way, so each to their own is my view.

Additionally other dangers of lucid dreaming are:

  • Some people say that lucid dreams can lead to you becoming a kind of control freak and you may think you can do stuff in real life that you did in your dreams. Again, this is less likely if you were lucid than if you were not, I think.
  • Perhaps dream sleep is serves some valuable purpose, and depriving ourselves of dream time by converting it to lucid dream time is somehow robbing us of dream benefits. My answer is that I have no evidence to support this idea.
  • It’s an urban myth that lucid dreaming is the slippery slope to hallucinations, mental illnesses and madness. Again I have no evidence to support this idea either.
  • Spiritual people have told me that lucid dreaming is an “altered state” and without cultural or religious support it leaves one vulnerable to various forms of spiritual corruption. Again, sorry but I don’t think so.
  • Perhaps, people say,  “if I start lucid dreaming I won’t be able to stop and will be stuck in them every night?”. I have heard this has happened to some people and they really don’t like it.  I guess it’s a risk, but for me it would be a positive rather than a negative outcome. I would welcome it, but maybe you wouldn’t.
  • I have experienced that some people in society think I am a bit strange for pursuing lucid dreaming as a pastime. I believe it is true that society is always right… and therefore always a bit wrong too. I am careful not to provoke anyone in any way, but simply explain my adventures without attributing any deep meaning to them. I am all for a tolerant society. Long may it reign.

All in all the allure of lucid dreaming is something to consider and you may think of it as being a danger to the prevailing cultural norm, to your happiness and simply to your mental state. You must decide for yourself.

Disclaimer. Having said all the above, it would be irresponsible of me not to say that if you are undergoing psychiatric treatment lucid dreaming may not be appropriate for you. I am not trying to encourage you to be reckless. There are still many things that are a mystery in this world and who am I to say nothing bad will happen. It’s just not my experience.

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