Lucid Dreaming Stories 2

P1. Here is the most recent of my lucid dreaming stories, In this dream I find myself in a rather mundane work setting, sending had written notes to the managing director of a company I used to work in (interestingly with the initials LD punning on Lucid Dream).

The replies I get from the MD are the same note with items highlighted or crossed out or ignored. The other members of the front office of this LD company are as expected and number about six people who I recognize.

Then I get a note back with a grade of 6/10 and it says, “See me” (misspelled) and signed Hitler. I feel this is rather unexpected, and I re-check the hand written note and the letters are jumbled up. I realize I am dreaming at this point.

My Lucid Question

I have in my mind to find out why I am often having dreams about past workplaces, so I ask out loud the question. The reply comes back from a new person who enters the room. He is an old colleague called Charlie. Unfortunately, I think he is dead in real life, which doubly confirms I am dreaming.

Charlie used to be a mentor and the company classical philosopher and joker too. He starts to tell me that the poet Eliot referred to our current state as a Wasteland, and this is where I am working too. Surrounded by people living shallow lives in pursuit of material distractions and hedonistic dreams. He says we all need to develop an inner life and yet present an outer mask that fits in seamlessly with the Wasteland too.

I say I am not sure how to do that and Charlie says he can show me. So we suddenly appear in a place called Greenford, saying that we must go back to my beginning in the world of work. I did indeed start living nearby there but I say we should really go to Ealing. That’s the trick says he, because I need to decide how to get there and he can’t give me directions. Also, I note that the Sun is setting in the west.

C says these are signs as we float across the station platform to another track and wait for a train. I ask where the train is heading and he looks at me strangely saying that I don’t seem to remember much about my life.

The Conclusion

So Charlie takes me downstairs and we drive by car to a gas station. C says to me, “You need to put a Tiger in your Tank”. And then it dawns on me that I once heard a story about that old advertising slogan. It was about finding your inner self by deciding your own direction in
life and not just doing what others want. When the tank is full Charlie wanders off and I find myself driving off alone along a woodland track. Very bouncy and rather fun off-road. It’s a lot of fun in fact, but soon I arrive at a crossroads. I wonder which way to go but cannot decide which path is best. I wake up here wondering what the significance of the dream is.

So I offer it up to you here as another of my lucid dreaming stories.


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