What My Dream Means

P1. I have often asked myself what my dream means. To find the answer I always keep as the context, the explanation of dreams and lucid dreams in the old religions of the East such as Hinduism. Here we encounter the sound of the universe, the sound of that silver thread that I mention in Lucid Dreaming Wild, and in science it is maybe the sound of the cosmic microwave background radiation,  It is also is related to as the sound of Om.

Back in India, before the common era the Mandukya Upanishad opens by declaring, “Om!, this syllable is this whole world”

Om Represents Fourfold-ness

Om is a sound built out of the letters A+U+M. The pronunciation starts at the front of the mouth and goes through all the vowel sounds to arrive at it’s closure. Then finally there is a 4th “letter” at the ends of the word which is the silence from which it comes and to which it goes.

These 4 letters can refer to time as the past (A), the present (U) and the future (M), plus eternity which transcends time (silence).

Another similar interpretation by Adi Shankara in the 8th Century, asserts that

  • Waking is perception or observation (that science tells us is always in the past) where we experience “gross” objects
  • Dreaming is remembering (in the present) where we experience “subtle” images
  • Deep sleep is total self-absorption where perception and remembering cease, but where hope and expectations arise (in the future)

But this latter state is still only a foretaste of pure awareness because ego still exists, and has not yet disappeared like the rain drop that dissolves into the ocean.

In Tarot Cards, the 4th Trump is the Emperor. The number 4 represents stability, such as one gets with 4 walls, 4 seasons, 4 corners, etc. It takes a lot of energy to destabilize them. It’s a foundation stone.

But what is more relevant here is the relationship between Om and our 4 states of consciousness described as waking consciousness (A), dream consciousness (U), deep sleep (M) and finally the void (the silence called ekatma, which means the state of being at one with the Self). I take this as being the source of what my dream means and the experience of the ecstasy beyond.

What Om Means

  • A represents waking consciousness and is what we call reality.
  • U represents dream consciousness and is any of the dreaming states we experience, including being lucid.
  • M represents deep sleep and this is where we are unconscious in sleep or possibly aware, but aware of no thing. It is an image free sleep.
  • Silence represents pure consciousness and this is the void or the consciousness that surrounds and goes beyond all things. This is eternity, out of which the world comes and into which the world will eventually go again. It s the ground of being and is the promise of euphoria.

For more details on the meaning of Om go to what Om means


There are techniques I use to find out when I dream, what my dream means. But this background context is always with me to provide guidance on how to go about any interpretation of my dream.

All the real mysteries of life are on the level of dream. Mindfulness meditations are on the level of dream too because it is about being in the present moment.

Lucid dreaming is about bringing mindfulness into our dreams. Many thinkers (old and new) see the biggest problem facing many people is their lack of attention or their inadvertence; ie. their not being alert or not being fully awake.

As Susan Sontag, American writer says,

“Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality.”

Paying attention is mindfulness. It is being in the present. Lucidity is mindfulness too. Following our passion in life is also a form of mindfulness often referred to as “flow” or a peak experience.

Missing out on these sublime experiences leads to dissatisfaction in life and also with life.

As Mark Strand, Canadian Poet said,

“We’re only here for a short while. And I think it’s such a lucky accident, having been born, that we’re almost obliged to pay attention.”


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2 thoughts on “What My Dream Means

  1. Dream4Fun

    I was reading a book just now called Waking, Dreaming, Being where the author, Evan Thompson, says about the “fourth state” that it is “pure non-dual awareness”. But he then goes on to say it is also “the supreme wakefulness that reveals the true self as witnessing awareness behind waking, dreaming and deep sleep.” I think these two descriptions show the confusion that people have for what is going on here. The fourth state, in my view, is indeed undifferentiated consciousness that is, well, non-personal since it is non-dual.
    The confusion probably arises in translating the “atman” (as Thompson does) as the “transcendent self”. But the transcendent is beyond conceptualization and so is therefore beyond any personal “self”. The atman is without a boundary. It is identified with the ground of all being. This is the Turiya of Hinduism that is inconceivable, incomprehensible and indescribable, etc.


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