“Things have been tough lately for dreamers. They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore.

It’s not dead it’s just that it’s been forgotten, removed from our language. Nobody teaches it so nobody knows it exists.

The dreamer is banished to obscurity.

Well, I’m trying to change all that, and I hope you are too. By dreaming, every day. Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds. “

(From Waking Life)

It’s actually my experience that society is alive and well, but many individuals seem to have lost the plot and lost their direction too.

The traditions of western societies have been tossed aside without finding suitable replacements yet. You only have to look at the confusions over the main festivals and rituals, such as Christmas and Easter, to see that.

It is my view that dreams offer us guidance throughout our lives and my purpose here is to contribute to that process of renewal by looking at the “meaning of dreaming”.

Dream Healing

For thousands of years, dreaming was considered important in society: Dreaming was real and relevant. Those times have gone for many people, but not for me.

Now, money is real, but money is no more real than a dream it just has more currency 🙂

If you toss out your dreams you will be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Instead, take care and hold on to your precious baby, for you will discover that dreaming can have a beneficial impact on nightmares, fears (eg heights, spiders, rejection, etc), stress, shyness, depression, inner feelings of emptiness, irresistible urges, and even your weight. However, dreaming can also enable you to grow through transformation, understanding, awakening, and even be downright fun.

These things happened for me and they can happen for you too.


You will spend about 25 years of your life asleep, and 5 years of that time in a dreaming state. So why would you want to miss a moment?

Learn to have amazing dreams for fun and maybe find the meaning in your life too. Only you can choose how you dream. Here is a list of just a few of the possibilities:

Of course, if you are like most people you will simply forget or ignore your dreams and miss out on probably the greatest experiences of your life!


Active Lucid Dreaming

This is the virtual reality system in your mind. But, no computers or equipment are necessary to have the time of your life.You are a participant in your dream. You decide what happens, how it happens and when it happens.
In your lucid dreaming, you can enjoy the excitement of flying like superman, or having mind-blowing sex with a superstar, or indulging in exotic eating, as if you are royalty, or bungee jumping or anything else that you can possibly imagine that takes your fancy!

Passive Lucid Dreaming

Be more aware in your dreams. Notice the spectacular detail, colors and imagery. See, hear and feel the incredible experiences. You don’t need to change a thing, but you still need to be lucid to get the benefits.

Remember Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams when they sleep in the normal way, but few remember much about these experiences. Such a shame really, given the amazing and fantastic realms we all inhabit in these nocturnal journeys.

Find Meaning in Your Dreams

Many people are searching for meaning in their lives. Dreams are no exception and are said to be secret doorways into our inner minds. Psychotherapists tell us that we can discover hidden messages from our dreams that have an enormous impact on our lives. So have a richer experience with your dreams and find out the secret messages they are offering up.

Re-enter Your Dreams

A very powerful technique to learn more about your dreams is to re-enter them in special sessions in your waking life. This re-entry process is similar to Active Imagination and is a powerful and mesmerizing method to explore your dreams and find out details and even what happens next.

And So, So Much More

Please explore this website to find out about the richness and marvels of your mind.

Still Don’t Remember Your Dreams?

It’s ok, most people don’t remember much. But, it’s possible to learn all this stuff, right here, right now. Make a start here. It will blow your mind as you learn to dream4fun.


Disclaimer: This website/blog is intended for fun and entertainment. It is not intending to give advice that should properly be given by health-care or other professionals.


4 thoughts on “Dream4fun

  1. I have many different types of dreams. Sometimes when I wake up my dream is so vivid. I can recall all the details. Some of my dreams fade quickly but others stay with me all day. I often tell myself that I am going to write down my dreams. I never do. Perhaps I will start writing them down and share them here on word press.

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    1. Hi Camerapentravel, You are very fortunate to remember your dreams so easily. Many people have to write them down to learn to remember them. I think it helps to get to know your dreams, otherwise you are missing a whole chunk of your life. They can also be very useful in different ways. Many thanks for your comment. PS. For a writer, dreams are a rich source, see R.L Stevenson and his inspirational Brownies, or Coleridge and his poem, Kubla Khan, or take a look at the book “Writers Dreaming: 26 Writers Talk About Their Dreams and the Creative Process”

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  2. I am able to recall or remember the dreams sometimes on waking. As I don’t write them down I do forget them as in a busy day, the dream gets pushed to the back of my consciousness. I will have to go look at some of your suggested readings.

    Liked by 1 person

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